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Luce, Clare Boothe

(Encyclopedia)Luce, Clare Boothe, 1903–87, American playwright and diplomat, whose name originally was Anne Clare Boothe, b. New York City. Witty, outspoken, glamorous, and an articulate political conservative, L...

Luce, Henry Robinson

(Encyclopedia)Luce, Henry Robinson, 1898–1967, American publisher, b. Tengchow (now Penglai), China, the son of a Presbyterian missionary. After studying at Yale and Oxford, he worked (1921–22) as a reporter on...


(Encyclopedia)Clare, county (1991 pop. 90,918), 1,231 sq mi (3,188 sq km), W Republic of Ireland, between Galway Bay and the Shannon River. The county and Roman Catholic seat is Ennis. The terrain is broken and hil...

Clare, Saint

(Encyclopedia)Clare or Clara, Saint, 1193?–1253, Italian nun of Assisi, devoted from her youth to St. Francis, to whom she took a vow of poverty. She led a life of great austerity. She organized her companions in...

Clare, John

(Encyclopedia)Clare, John, 1793–1864, English poet. A romantic poet who wrote shortly after the vogue for such verse, he had a profound and singular gift for capturing nature in exquisitely specific detail. The s...

Clare Island

(Encyclopedia)Clare Island, c.6 sq mi (15 sq km), Co. Mayo, W Republic of Ireland, at the entrance to Clew Bay. There are ruins of a 13th-century Carmelite abbey and of the 16th-century castle of Grania or Grace O'...

Leighton, Clare

(Encyclopedia)Leighton, Clare l´tn [key], 1899–1989, English print maker, writer, and illustrator. Leighton was best known for her fine woodcuts and engravings and her work is represented in leading print co...

Luce, Stephen Bleecker

(Encyclopedia)Luce, Stephen Bleecker, 1827–1917, American naval officer, b. Albany, N.Y. He entered the navy as a midshipman in 1841. In the Civil War he was head of the department of seamanship at the Naval Acad...

Clare, Richard de

(Encyclopedia)Clare, Richard de: see Pembroke, Richard de Clare, 2d earl of.

Briggs, Clare A.

(Encyclopedia)Briggs, Clare A., 1875–1930, American cartoonist, b. Reedsburg, Wis. He won a national reputation with the contributions he made to the Chicago Tribune from 1907 to 1914. From 1914 until his death h...

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