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(Encyclopedia)Erbil bīlˌ –bĭlˌ [key], city and capital of Kurdistan Region, N Iraq. A commercial, agr...


(Encyclopedia)Irbil: see Erbil, Iraq.


(Encyclopedia)Arbela ärbēˈlə [key], town of ancient Assyria. Its name is sometimes given to the battle fought at Gaugamela, some 60 mi (100 km) away, in which Alexander the Great defeated (331 b.c.) Darius III....

Ibn Khalikan

(Encyclopedia)Ibn Khalikan ĭbn khăˈlēkăn [key] or Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Barmaki al-Irbili ash-Shafii, 1211–82, Arabic biographer, b. in Erbil, Iraq. Ibn Khallikan lived and served as a judge and scholar in M...


(Encyclopedia)Kurds kûrds, ko͝ords, a non-Arab Middle Eastern minority population that inhabits the region known as Kurdistan, an extensive plateau and mountain area, c.74,000 sq mi (191,660 sq km), in SW Asia, i...

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