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Youlou, Fulbert

(Encyclopedia)Youlou, Fulbert yoo´loo [key], 1917–72, first president (1960–63) of Congo (Brazzaville). Originally a Roman Catholic priest, he entered politics, founded the country's strongest political pa...

Abelard, Peter

(Encyclopedia)Abelard, Peter b´lärd [key], Fr. Pierre Abélardpyr äblär´ [key], 1079–1142, French philosopher and teacher, b. Le Pallet, near Nantes. Life Abelard went (c.1100) to Paris to study unde...

Congo, Republic of the

(Encyclopedia)Congo, Republic of the, republic (2015 est. pop. 4,996,000), 132,046 sq mi (342,000 sq km), W central Africa; also known as the Congo Republic. Congo is bordered on the west by Gabon; on the north by ...

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