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Yamamoto, Gombei

(Encyclopedia)Yamamoto, Gombei gōmˈbā yämäˈmōtō [key], 1852–1933, Japanese admiral. He was navy minister (1898–1906) during the Russo-Japanese War. Yamamoto was later (1913–14, 1923–24) prime minist...

Yamamoto, Isoroku

(Encyclopedia)Yamamoto, Isoroku yämäˈmōtō [key], 1884–1943, Japanese admiral in World War II. He headed the combined fleet in 1941 and was the mastermind behind Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. After he was ...

Yamamoto, Kansai

(Encyclopedia)Yamamoto, Kansai, 1944–2020, Japanese fashion designer, known as Kansai. Essentially self-taught, he showed his first collection in London in 1971. The theatrical garments, with an exotic, oriental ...

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