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Hesse, Hermann

(Encyclopedia)Hesse, Hermann hr´män hs´ [key], 1877–1962, German novelist and poet. A pacifist, he went to Switzerland at the outbreak of World War I and became (1923) a Swiss citizen. The spiritual lone...


(Encyclopedia)Hesse hs, hs´, hs´ [key], Ger. Hessen, state (1994 pop. 5,800,000), 8,150 sq mi (24,604 sq km), central Germany. Wiesbaden is the capital. It is bounded by Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria i...

Hesse, Eva

(Encyclopedia)Hesse, Eva hs´ [key], 1936–70, American sculptor, b. Hamburg, Germany. Hesse's sculpture displays an antiformalism that developed in the late 1960s in reaction against conventional geometric co...


(Encyclopedia)Hesse-Darmstadt, Hesse-Homburg, and Hesse-Kassel: see Hesse, Germany.


(Encyclopedia)Hesse-Nassau, former Prussian province: see Hesse; Nassau.


(Encyclopedia)Hermann, d. AD 21: see Arminius.

Philip of Hesse

(Encyclopedia)Philip of Hesse hs [key], 1504–67, German nobleman, landgrave of Hesse (1509–67), champion of the Reformation. He is also called Philip the Magnanimous. Declared of age in 1518, he helped suppre...

Oncken, Hermann

(Encyclopedia)Oncken, Hermann hr´män ông´kn [key], 1869–1946, German historian. He taught at the universities of Heidelberg, Munich, Chicago, and (1928–35) Berlin. He was forced to retire because of his...

Maier, Hermann

(Encyclopedia)Maier, Hermann hr´män m´r [key], 1972–, Austrian skier. Sent home from a ski academy in his teens by a physical condition, he was a bricklayer before winning a place on the Austrian World...

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