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Niles, Hezekiah

(Encyclopedia)Niles, Hezekiah, 1777–1839, American journalist, b. Jefferis's Ford, Pa. Editor (1805–11) of the Baltimore Evening Post and founder (1811) of Niles' Weekly Register, he was one of the most influen...


(Encyclopedia)Niles. 1 Village (1990 pop. 28,284), Cook co., NE Ill., a residential suburb adjacent to Chicago, on the Chicago River; settled 1832, inc. 1899. The village has a replica (half size) of the Leaning To...


(Encyclopedia)Hezekiah hzk´ [key], in the Bible, king of Judah, son and successor of Ahaz. During his reign Sennacherib of Assyria routed (701 BC) the rebellious Jews, laid seige to Jerusalem, and exacted ...

Augur, Hezekiah

(Encyclopedia)Augur, Hezekiah ô´gr [key], 1791–1858, American sculptor. After a business failure he devoted himself to art and was encouraged by Samuel F. B. Morse. His bust of Washington and the statuette gr...


(Encyclopedia)Hizkijah hzk´j [key] [Heb., variant of Hezekiah], in the Bible, one who returned from captivity to Palestine. An alternate form is Hezekiah. ...

Lockheed, Allan Haines

(Encyclopedia)Lockheed, Allan Haines, 1889–1969, American aviation pioneer, b. Niles, Calif., as Allan Loughead. He worked as a mechanic and a race car driver, then, following his first flight (1910), he became a...


(Encyclopedia)Ezekias zk´s [key]: see Hezekiah.


(Encyclopedia)Ismachiah zmk´ [key], in the Bible, overseer under Hezekiah.


(Encyclopedia)Abi ´b [key] [short for Abijah], in the Bible, King Hezekiah's mother. ...


(Encyclopedia)Shebna shb´n [key], in the Bible, official of Hezekiah's court denounced by Isaiah.

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