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(Encyclopedia)Horemheb härmˈhăb [key], d. c.1303 b.c., king of ancient Egypt (c.1342 b.c.–c.1303 b.c.), founder of the XIX dynasty. A powerful noble under Ikhnaton, he seems to have been an army commander unde...


(Encyclopedia)Harmhab: see Horemheb.

Ramses I

(Encyclopedia)Ramses I both: rămˈəsēzˌ [key], d. c.1314 b.c., succeeded Horemheb, the true founder of the XIX dynasty. He died after only one year as king. His son and successor was Seti I. ...


(Encyclopedia)Tutankhamen or Tutenkhamon to͞otˌängkäˈmən, –ĕngk– [key], fl. c.1350 b.c., king of ancient Egypt, of the XVIII dynasty. He was the son-in-law of Ikhnaton and succeeded to the throne after a...

Dynasties of Ancient Egypt (table)

(Encyclopedia)Dynasties of Ancient Egypt Old Kingdom (or Old Empire) First Intermediate Period Middle Kingdom (or Middle Empire) Second Intermediate Period New Kingdom (or New Empire) ...

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