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Shidehara, Kijuro

(Encyclopedia)Shidehara, Kijuro kēˌjo͞orōˈ shēdāˈhärä [key], 1872–1951, Japanese statesman. A career diplomat, he was ambassador to the Netherlands (1914–15), vice foreign minister (1915), and ambassa...


(Encyclopedia)Seiyukai sāˈyo͞okīˌ [key], Japanese political party, founded in 1900. It was derived, via the Kenseito (see Minseito) from the Jiyuto, organized by Taisuke Itagaki in 1881. Under the astute polit...

Kato, Komei (Takaaki)

(Encyclopedia)Kato, Komei (Takaaki) kōˈmā käˈtō, täkä-äˈkē [key], 1860–1926, Japanese statesman. He entered the foreign ministry after graduating from Tokyo Univ. He served (1909) as ambassador to Grea...

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