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Takahashi, Korekiyo

(Encyclopedia)Takahashi, Korekiyo kōrāˈkēō täˌkähäˈshē [key], 1854–1936, Japanese statesman and financier. Long an official of the Yokohama Specie Bank, he became its president in 1906, and from 1911 t...


(Encyclopedia)Kiyonaga kēyōnäˈga [key], 1752–1815, Japanese painter and designer of woodcuts of the Torii school. After working as a bookseller in Tokyo, he took lessons from the Torii master Kiyomitsu but cr...


(Encyclopedia)Harunobu (Suzuki Harunobu) so͞ozo͞oˈkē häro͞oˈnōˈbo͞o [key], 1724–70, Japanese color-print artist of the ukiyo-e school. He was the first to use a wide range of colors effectively in print...

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