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Birkeland, Kristian

(Encyclopedia)Birkeland, Kristian or Olaf Christian krĭsˈtyän bērˈkəlän, ōˈläv [key], 1867–1917, Norwegian physicist. From 1898 Birkeland was a professor at the Univ. of Christiania (now Oslo). Noted fo...

Relander, Lauri Kristian

(Encyclopedia)Relander, Lauri Kristian louˈrē krĭsˈtēän rĕlänˈdər [key], 1883–1942, Finnish political leader. A leading agronomist, he was a member of the Finnish diet (1910–13, 1917–19), and govern...


(Encyclopedia)furnace, enclosed space for the burning of fuel. There are many kinds of furnaces, the type depending upon the fuel and the use to which the heat produced within it is put. Most familiar are the furna...

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