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Lin Yutang

(Encyclopedia)Lin Yutang lĭn yüˈtängˈ [key], 1895–1976, Chinese-American writer, translator, and editor, b. Lunqi, Fujian, educated in China and at Harvard, Ph.D. Univ. of Leipzig, 1923. Lin spent most of hi...


(Encyclopedia)Lin-hsia: see Linxia, China.

Lin Piao

(Encyclopedia)Lin Piao: see Lin Biao.

Lin Sen

(Encyclopedia)Lin Sen lĭn sŭn [key], 1868–1943, president of China (1932–43). He was an anti-Manchu revolutionary, overseas organizer for the Kuomintang, and parliamentarian. For a time after the death of Sun...


(Encyclopedia)Lin-yu: see Shanhaiguan, China.


(Encyclopedia)Kuei-lin: see Guilin, China.

Lin Biao

(Encyclopedia)Lin Biao or Lin Piao both: lĭn byou [key], 1908–71, Chinese Communist general and political leader. Lin was trained at Whampoa Academy, and during the Northern Expedition he rose to company command...


(Encyclopedia)Chi-lin: see Jilin, city, China. ...

Lin, Maya Ying

(Encyclopedia)Lin, Maya Ying mīˈə [key], 1959–, American architect and sculptor, b. Athens, Ohio. Lin's work is known for its visual poetry and sensitive mingling of highly abstract form with meaning. From an ...

Chang Tso-lin

(Encyclopedia)Chang Tso-lin jäng tsōˈ-lĭnˈ [key], 1873–1928, Chinese general. Chang was of humble birth. As the leader of a unit of Manchurian militia he assisted (1904–5) the Japanese in the Russo-Japanes...

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