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(Encyclopedia)Livingston, family of American statesmen, diplomats, and jurists. Edward Livingston,Edward Livingston, 1764–1836, b. Livingston Manor, was the son of Robert R. Livingston (1718–75) and brother o...

Mills, Ogden Livingston

(Encyclopedia)Mills, Ogden Livingston, 1884–1937, American political leader, b. Newport, R.I. He practiced law in New York City and became an active Republican party leader. He served (1914–17) in the New York ...

Trudeau, Edward Livingston

(Encyclopedia)Trudeau, Edward Livingston tro͞oˈdō [key], 1848–1915, American physician, b. New York City, M.D. Columbia, 1871. As a result of taking care of his brother, who had tuberculosis, he developed the ...

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