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Alcott, Louisa May

(Encyclopedia)Alcott, Louisa May, 1832–88, American author, b. Germantown, Pa.; daughter of Bronson Alcott. Mostly educated by her father, she was a friend of Emerson and Thoreau, and her first book, Flower Fable...

Alcott, Bronson

(Encyclopedia)Alcott, Bronson ôl´kt, l–, –kt [key], 1799–1888, American educational and social reformer, b. near Wolcott, Conn., as Amos Bronson Alcox. His meager formal education was supplemented by ...


(Encyclopedia)May: see month.


(Encyclopedia)may, name for several plants; in England, particularly the hawthorn. See also mayflower.

May, Rollo

(Encyclopedia)May, Rollo, 1909–94, American psychologist, b. Ada, Ohio. Previously a theological student and Congregational minister, May received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia Univ. in 1949,...

May, Thomas

(Encyclopedia)May, Thomas, 1595–1650, English author, b. Sussex, grad. Cambridge, 1612. Besides writing several tragedies on classical subjects, he wrote two comedies, The Heir (1620) and The Old Couple (c.1620)....

May, Cape

(Encyclopedia)May, Cape: see Cape May.

May apple

(Encyclopedia)May apple: see barberry.

May beetle

(Encyclopedia)May beetle: see June beetle.

May Day

(Encyclopedia)May Day, first day of May. Its celebration probably originated in the spring fertility festivals of India and Egypt. The festival of the Roman goddess of spring, Flora, was celebrated from Apr. 28 to ...

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