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(Encyclopedia)Lu, symbol for the element lutetium. ...

Lu Hsün

(Encyclopedia)Lu Hsün: see Lu Xun.

Lü Shan

(Encyclopedia)Lü Shan: see Jiujiang, China.


(Encyclopedia)Lü-ta: see Lüda, China.

Lu Xun

(Encyclopedia)Lu Xun or Lu Hsün both: lo͞oˈshünˈ [key], 1881–1936, Chinese writer, pen name of Chou Shu-jen. In 1902, he traveled to Japan on a government scholarship, eventually enrolling at Sendai Medical ...

An Lu-shan

(Encyclopedia)An Lu-shan än lo͞o-shän [key], d.757, Chinese general of the T'ang dynasty. Of mixed Sogdian and Turkish birth, he was appointed regional commander on the northeastern frontier. In 755 he led c.200...

Basile, Giovanni Battista

(Encyclopedia)Basile, Giovanni Battista jōvänˈnē bät-tēsˈtä bäsēˈlā [key], 1575–1632, Italian writer. Basile held several important official positions, devoting his spare time to the study of folklore...

Burle Marx, Roberto

(Encyclopedia)Burle Marx, Roberto, 1909–1994, Brazilian landscape architect. As an art student he visited (1928) Berlin's botanical gardens and became interested in tropical plants. Upon returning to Brazil (1930...

Porter, Horace

(Encyclopedia)Porter, Horace, 1837–1921, American soldier and diplomat, b. Huntingdon, Pa. In the Civil War he saw varied service, mostly as an ordnance officer, before becoming (1864) aide-de-camp to Gen. U. S. ...

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