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Sarton, May

(Encyclopedia)Sarton, May, 1912–95, American poet and novelist, b. Wondelgem, Belgium. Her father was the science historian George Sarton; the family moved to the United States in 1916. Although cast in tradition...

May, Elaine

(Encyclopedia) May, Elaine, 1932-, American actress, film director, and writer, b. Philadelphia, Pa., as Elaine Iva Berlin. May’s parents were both actors; her fat...

May, Rollo

(Encyclopedia)May, Rollo, 1909–94, American psychologist, b. Ada, Ohio. Previously a theological student and Congregational minister, May received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia Univ. in 1949,...

May, Thomas

(Encyclopedia)May, Thomas, 1595–1650, English author, b. Sussex, grad. Cambridge, 1612. Besides writing several tragedies on classical subjects, he wrote two comedies, The Heir (1620) and The Old Couple (c.1620)....

May, Cape

(Encyclopedia)May, Cape: see Cape May.

May apple

(Encyclopedia)May apple: see barberry.

May beetle

(Encyclopedia)May beetle: see June beetle.

May Day

(Encyclopedia)May Day, first day of May. Its celebration probably originated in the spring fertility festivals of India and Egypt. The festival of the Roman goddess of spring, Flora, was celebrated from Apr. 28 to ...

Cape May

(Encyclopedia)Cape May, city (2020 pop. 3,374), Cape May co., S N.J., on Cape May peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean; settled in the 1600s, inc. 1857. One of the nation...

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