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(Encyclopedia)Mountbatten: see Battenberg, family.

Mountbatten, Philip

(Encyclopedia)Mountbatten, Philip: see Edinburgh, Prince Philip Mountbatten, duke of.


(Encyclopedia)Battenberg bt´nbûrg [key], German princely family, issued from the morganatic union of Alexander, a younger son of Louis II, grand duke of Hesse-Darmstadt, and Countess Julia von Hauke, who was ...

Edinburgh, Prince Philip Mountbatten, duke of

(Encyclopedia)Edinburgh, Prince Philip Mountbatten, duke of d´nbr [key], 1921–, consort of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, b. Greece. He was the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice, da...


(Encyclopedia)Windsor wn´zr [key], name of the royal house of Great Britain. The name Wettin, family name of Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, consort of Queen Victoria, as well as Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the name of th...

Philip, Prince

(Encyclopedia)Philip, Prince: see Edinburgh, Prince Philip Mountbatten, duke of.

Quebec Conference

(Encyclopedia)Quebec Conference, name of two meetings held in Quebec, Canada, in World War II. The first meeting (Aug., 1943) was attended by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States, Prime Minister...

Irish Republican Army

(Encyclopedia)Irish Republican Army (IRA), nationalist organization devoted to the integration of Ireland as a complete and independent unit. Organized by Michael Collins from remnants of rebel units dispersed afte...


(Encyclopedia)Burma: see Myanmar.

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