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Li Po

(Encyclopedia)Li Po lē tī-bô [key], c.700–762, Chinese poet of the T'ang dynasty. He was born in what is now Sichuan prov. Most authorities believe that he was a Taoist; Li Po's unconcern for worldly prefermen...

Fernando Po

(Encyclopedia)Fernando Po or Fernando Póo: see Equatorial Guinea. ...

Po Chü-i

(Encyclopedia)Po Chü-i bô jü-ē [key], 772–846, Chinese poet. He occupied several important government posts, rising to the presidency of the imperial board of war in 841. He wrote over 3,000 poems, brief, top...

Po Hai

(Encyclopedia)Po Hai: see Bohai, China.

Lo-pu po

(Encyclopedia)Lo-pu po: see Lop Nur, China.

Po, river, Italy

(Encyclopedia)Po pō, It. pô [key], Latin Padus, longest river of Italy, c.405 mi (650 km) long, rising in the Cottian Alps of Piedmont, NW Italy. It winds generally east in a wide valley, past Turin, Pavia, Piace...


(Encyclopedia)Bohai or Po Hai both: pôˈhīˈ [key], arm of the Yellow Sea, indenting the coast of N China; bordered by Shandong, Hebei, and Liaoning provs. and Tianjin Municipality; the Liaodong Gulf is its north...


(Encyclopedia)Padus: see Po, river.

Li Pai

(Encyclopedia)Li Pai: see Li Po.

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