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Machel, Samora Moïsès

(Encyclopedia)Machel, Samora Moïsès səmôrˈə moizĕshˈ məshĕl [key], 1933–86, president of Mozambique (1975–86). Machel joined the Mozambican Liberation Front (Frelimo) in 1962, led its guerrilla forces...

Chissano, Joaquim Alberto

(Encyclopedia)Chissano, Joaquim Alberto, 1939–, Mozambican political leader. A founding member of the Mozambican Liberation Front (Frelimo), he rose to become a major general in the organization, and after Mozamb...


(Encyclopedia)Xe, symbol for the element xenon.


(Encyclopedia)Mo, symbol for the element molybdenum. ...

Mo Ti

(Encyclopedia)Mo Ti: see Mo-Tzu.


(Encyclopedia)Mo-Tzu dē [key], c.470 b.c.–391 b.c., Chinese philosopher. His teachings, found in The Mo Tzu, emphasize universal love—that people should love all others as they love their own families and stat...

Mo Yan

(Encyclopedia)Mo Yan, 1955–, Chinese novelist, pen name of Guan Moye, b. Shandong prov. Mo is one of contemporary China's most prolific and popular writers. He left school in the fifth grade and did farm and fact...

Kuo Mo-jo

(Encyclopedia)Kuo Mo-jo: see Guo Moruo.

e, in mathematics

(Encyclopedia)e, in mathematics, irrational number occurring widely in mathematics and science, approximately equal to the value 2.71828; it is the base of natural, or Naperian, logarithms. The number e is defined ...

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