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Jewett, Sarah Orne

(Encyclopedia)Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1849–1909, American novelist and short-story writer, b. South Berwick, Maine. Her studies of small-town New England life are perceptive, sympathetic, and gently humorous. After c...

Matthiessen, F. O.

(Encyclopedia)Matthiessen, F. O. (Francis Otto Matthiessen)mth´sn [key], 1902–50, American critic, b. Pasadena, Calif., grad. Yale Univ., 1923, B.Litt., Oxford, 1925, Ph.D., Harvard, 1927. A Rhodes scholar...


(Encyclopedia)Orne ôrn [key], department (1990 pop. 292,900), NW France, in Normandy and part of Perche. Alençon is the capital. ...


(Encyclopedia)Sarah: see Sara.

Jewett, Charles Coffin

(Encyclopedia)Jewett, Charles Coffin joo´t [key], 1816–68, American librarian, b. Lebanon, Maine. Jewett prepared his first catalog of books as librarian of Andover Theological Seminary. He was appointed lib...

Kemble, Sarah

(Encyclopedia)Kemble, Sarah: see Siddons, Sarah Kemble.

Wood, Sarah

(Encyclopedia)Wood, Sarah: see under Kemble, Roger.

Caldwell, Sarah

(Encyclopedia)Caldwell, Sarah, 1924–2006, American opera director and conductor, b. Maryville, Mo. In 1957 she founded the Boston Opera Group, later renamed the Opera Company of Boston, and headed it until its de...

Churchill, Sarah

(Encyclopedia)Churchill, Sarah: see Marlborough, Sarah Churchill, duchess of.

Bernhardt, Sarah

(Encyclopedia)Bernhardt, Sarah bûrn´härt, Fr. brnär´ [key], 1844–1923, stage name of Rosine Bernard, French actress, b. Paris. At age 13 she entered the Paris Conservatory, and later attracted attention du...

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