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Kountché, Seyni

(Encyclopedia)Kountché, Seyni sn´ koonch´ [key], 1931–87, president of Niger (1974–87). He was army chief of staff when he ousted Hamani Diori, Niger's first president, in a military coup. He suspend...

Tandja, Mamadou

(Encyclopedia)Tandja, Mamadou mämädoo´ tän´jä [key], 1938–, Nigerien political leader, president of Niger (1999–2010), b. Maine-Soroa. He attended military schools in Madagascar and Mali, joining the ar...


(Encyclopedia)Niger n´jr, nzhâr´ [key], officially Republic of Niger, republic (2015 est. pop. 18,045,729), 489,189 sq mi (1,267,000 sq km), W Africa. It borders on Burkina Faso and Mali in the west, on Al...

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