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Sheshonk I

(Encyclopedia)Sheshonk I shōˈshăngk [key], d. c.929 or 924 b.c., king of ancient Egypt, founder of the XXII (Libyan) dynasty. Originally a commander of mercenaries at Heracleopolis, he assumed (c.950 b.c.) royal...


(Encyclopedia)Shishak: see Sheshonk I.

Shoshenk I

(Encyclopedia)Shoshenk I: see Sheshonk I.


(Encyclopedia)Sukkiim sŭkˈēĭm [key], in the Bible, nation, presumably African, which contributed to the army of Pharaoh Shishak (see Sheshonk I) in invading Palestine. ...


(Encyclopedia)Rehoboam rēˌəbōˈəm [key], in the Bible, last king of the United Monarchy, first king of Judah, son of Solomon. Under him the northern tribes broke away from the rule of Jerusalem and set up a se...


(Encyclopedia)pharaoh fârˈō [key] [Heb., from Egyptian,=the great house], title of the kings of ancient Egypt. Of the pharaohs in the Bible, Shishak is Sheshonk I, Neco or Necoh is Necho, and Hophra is Apries. M...

Dynasties of Ancient Egypt (table)

(Encyclopedia)Dynasties of Ancient Egypt Old Kingdom (or Old Empire) First Intermediate Period Middle Kingdom (or Middle Empire) Second Intermediate Period New Kingdom (or New Empire) ...

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