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Guinness, Sir Alec

(Encyclopedia)Guinness, Sir Alec gn´s [key], 1914–2000, English actor, b. London. After his stage debut in 1934, Guinness performed with John Gielgud's company and at the Old Vic. An actor of enormous versat...

Douglas-Home, Sir Alec

(Encyclopedia)Douglas-Home, Sir Alec: Douglas-Home, Alexander Frederick, Baron Home of the Hirsel.

Waugh, Alec

(Encyclopedia)Waugh, Alec: see under Waugh, Evelyn.

Mosley, Sir Oswald Ernald

(Encyclopedia)Mosley, Sir Oswald Ernald mz´l [key], 1896–1980, British fascist leader. He entered (1918) Parliament as a Conservative, became (1922) an independent, and then joined (1924) the Labour party. H...

Prime Ministers of Great Britain

(Encyclopedia)Prime Ministers of Great BritainPrime MinisterParty1Dates in OfficeNote 1: The modern party system did not evolve until the end of the 18th cent. ...

Macdonald, George

(Encyclopedia)Macdonald, George, 1824–1905, Scottish author. Ordained a Congregational minister, he eventually abandoned his vocation to become a writer and freelance preacher. His first published works were seve...

Launcelot, Sir

(Encyclopedia)Launcelot, Sir ln´slt, ln´–, lôn´– [key], in Arthurian legend, bravest and most celebrated knight at the court of King Arthur. He was kidnapped as an infant by the mysterious Lady of...

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