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Henie, Sonja

(Encyclopedia)Henie, Sonja sōˈnyə hĕnˈē [key], 1912–69, Norwegian-American figure skater and movie actress, b. Oslo, Norway. She began ice skating at the age of eight and two years later won the first of si...

ice skating

(Encyclopedia)ice skating, gliding along an ice surface on keellike runners known as ice skates. The earliest skates (c.9th cent.), made of bone, were found in Sweden. Wooden skates with iron facings appeared in ...

Harold V

(Encyclopedia)Harold V or Harald V, 1937–, king of Norway (1991–); son of Olaf V. He lived in exile in Washington, D.C., during World War II and was educated at Oslo Katedralskole before taking up a military ca...

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