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Kunitz, Stanley Jasspon

(Encyclopedia)Kunitz, Stanley Jasspon kyoo´nts [key], 1905–2006, American poet, teacher, and editor, b. Worcester, Mass. He graduated from Harvard (B.A., 1926; M.A., 1927), worked as a journalist and editor,...


(Encyclopedia)Stanley, town (1991 pop. 1,557), capital of the Falkland Islands, S Atlantic Ocean, on East Falkland island. It is the main port and trading center of the islands. The name is sometimes written as Por...

Elkin, Stanley

(Encyclopedia)Elkin, Stanley, 1930–95, American writer, b. New York City. An offbeat fiction writer, Elkin had a gift for black comedy, fantastic imagery, bizarre situations, and a kind of lyrical bleakness, all ...

Cohen, Stanley

(Encyclopedia)Cohen, Stanley, 1922–2020, American biochemist, b. New York City, Ph.D. Univ. of Michigan, 1948. Cohen did his most important work at Washington Univ. with Rita Levi-Montalcini in the 1950s. Studyin...

Donen, Stanley

(Encyclopedia)Donen, Stanley, 1924–2019, American film director, choreographer, and producer, b. Columbia, S.C. He is best known for directing some of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's finest musicals. In 1940 Donen danced i...

Stanley, James

(Encyclopedia)Stanley, James: see Derby, James Stanley, 7th earl of.

Stanley, Thomas

(Encyclopedia)Stanley, Thomas: see Derby, Thomas Stanley, 1st earl of.

Stanley Pool

(Encyclopedia)Stanley Pool, Congo: see Pool Malebo.

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