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Su Tung-p'o

(Encyclopedia)Su Tung-p'o so͞o do͞ong-bô [key], 1036–1101, Chinese poet. He was also called Su Shih. Born in present-day Sichuan prov., he was one of a literary family. Su occupied many official posts, rising ...


(Encyclopedia)A-k'o-su: see Aksu, China.

Su Shih

(Encyclopedia)Su Shih: see Su Tung-p'o.


(Encyclopedia)Su-chou: see Suzhou, China.


(Encyclopedia)Aksu, city (1994 est. pop. 193,700), SW Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, on the Aksu River. The center of an oasis at the foot of the Tian Shan mts., it is a caravan hub on the Old Silk Road. ...

Marañón, Gregorio

(Encyclopedia)Marañón, Gregorio grāgōˈrēō märänyōnˈ [key], 1887–1960, Spanish essayist, b. Madrid. A physician and professor of endocrinology, he used his scientific knowledge and approach to analyze l...

Sue, Eugène

(Encyclopedia)Sue, Eugène özhĕnˈ sü [key], 1804–57, French novelist, whose name was originally Marie-Joseph Sue. A surgeon in the French navy, he went into exile when Napoleon III came to power. Sue's popula...

Alas, Leopoldo

(Encyclopedia)Alas, Leopoldo lāōpōlˈdō äˈläs [key], 1852–1901, Spanish novelist, short-story writer, and literary critic who wrote under the pseudonym Clarín, b. Zamora. Although he began his literary ca...

Ssu-ma Kuang

(Encyclopedia)Ssu-ma Kuang so͞o-mä kwäng [key], 1018–86, Chinese statesman and historian of the Northern Sung dynasty. He edited the monumental Tzu-chih t'ung-chien [the comprehensive mirror for aid in governm...

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