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Katayama, Tetsu

(Encyclopedia)Katayama, Tetsu tĕtˈso͝o kätäyäˈmä [key], 1887–1978, Japanese statesman. He was a founder (1926) of the Social Democratic party. When the party was suppressed by the police, Katayama helped ...

Ashida, Hitoshi

(Encyclopedia)Ashida, Hitoshi, 1887–1959, Japanese politician. He studied law at Tokyo Imperial Univ. and worked in the ministry of foreign affairs before being elected to the Diet in 1932 as a member of the Seiy...


(Encyclopedia)CE5 Japan jəpănˈ [key], Jap. Nihon or Nippon, country (2015 est. pop. 127,975,000), 145,833 sq mi (377,835 sq km), occupying an archipelago off the coast of E Asia. The capital is Tokyo, which, ...

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