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Kato, Tomosaburo

(Encyclopedia)Kato, Tomosaburo tōmōsˌäˌbo͞orōˈ, käˈtō [key], 1861–1923, Japanese admiral. He was naval chief of staff (1894–95) and chief assistant to Admiral Togo in the Russo-Japanese War. As navy ...

Kato, Komei (Takaaki)

(Encyclopedia)Kato, Komei (Takaaki) kōˈmā käˈtō, täkä-äˈkē [key], 1860–1926, Japanese statesman. He entered the foreign ministry after graduating from Tokyo Univ. He served (1909) as ambassador to Grea...


(Encyclopedia)Minseito mēnˌsāˈtō [key], Japanese political party. It is usually called the Liberal party in English. Founded by Shigenobu Okuma in 1882 as the Kaishinto, or Progressive party, it was dissolved ...

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