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(Encyclopedia)Tuvalu tooväl´oo [key], independent Commonwealth nation (2015 est. pop. 11,000), 10 sq mi (26 sq km), composed of nine low coral atolls, formerly known as the Ellice (or Lagoon) Islands, scatter...


(Encyclopedia)Fongafale fônggäfä´l [key], islet (2001 est. pop. 5,000), site of the government center and largest settlement in the island nation of Tuvalu. Part of the atoll of Funafuti (which is officiall...

Ellice Islands

(Encyclopedia)Ellice Islands or Lagoon Islands: see Tuvalu.

Gilbert and Ellice Islands

(Encyclopedia)Gilbert and Ellice Islands, former British colony in the central and S Pacific; see Kiribati and Tuvalu.


(Encyclopedia)Funafuti foonäfoo´t [key], capital and chief atoll of Tuvalu, S Pacific. It comprises 30 islets of a reef 13 mi (21 km) long, with a land area of c.1 sq mi (2.6 sq km). The islet of Fongafale ...

United Nations Members

(Encyclopedia)United Nations MembersCountryYear of EntryAfghanistan1946Albania1955Algeria1962Andorra1993Angola1976Antigua and Barbuda1981Argentina1945Armenia1992Australia1945Austria1955Azerbaijan1992Bahamas1973Bahr...


(Encyclopedia)Kiribati krbs´ [key], officially Republic of Kiribati (2015 est. pop. 112,000), 342 sq mi (886 sq km), consisting of 33 islands scattered across 2,400 mi (3,860 km) of the Pacific Ocean near ...

Commonwealth of Nations

(Encyclopedia)Commonwealth of Nations, voluntary association of Great Britain and its dependencies, certain former British dependencies that are now sovereign states and their dependencies, and the associated state...

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