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Eco, Umberto

(Encyclopedia)Eco, Umberto əmbĕrˈtō ĕcō [key], 1932–2016, Italian novelist, essayist, and semiotics scholar. His first novel, the best-selling Il nome della rosa (1980; tr. The Name of the Rose, 1983, film ...


(Encyclopedia)Umberto. For Italian kings so named, use Humbert.

Giordano, Umberto

(Encyclopedia)Giordano, Umberto jōrdäˈnō [key], 1867–1948, Italian operatic composer. His most famous work is the richly melodic Andrea Chénier (1896). Fedora (1898) and Madame Sans-Gêne (1915) are also we...

Nobile, Umberto

(Encyclopedia)Nobile, Umberto o͞ombĕrˈtō nōˈbēlā [key], 1885–1978, Italian aeronautical engineer and arctic explorer. He designed the dirigible Norge and piloted it in the Amundsen-Ellsworth flight over t...

Boccioni, Umberto

(Encyclopedia)Boccioni, Umberto o͞ombĕrˈtō bŏt-chôˈnē [key], 1882–1916, Italian futurist painter and sculptor. He played a primary role in the drafting of the manifesto of futurism in 1910 and was the maj...


(Encyclopedia)recession: see depression.

Borghese Villa

(Encyclopedia)Borghese Villa vēlˈlä o͞ombĕrˈtō prēˈmō [key], summer palace built by Scipione Cardinal Borghese outside the Porta del Popolo, Rome. Begun in 1605, the villa was transformed in the 18th cent...

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