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Poulsen, Valdemar

(Encyclopedia)Poulsen, Valdemar välˈdəmär poulˈsən [key], 1869–1942, Danish electrical engineer. He invented (1898) the telegraphone (an early wire recorder) and the high-frequency Poulsen arc used in wirel...


(Encyclopedia)Valdemar. For Danish rulers thus named, use Waldemar.

Gallen-Kallela, Akseli Valdemar

(Encyclopedia)Gallen-Kallela, Akseli Valdemar äkˈsālē välˈdāmär gälānˈ-kälˈlālä [key], 1865–1931, Finnish painter. He was a student of Bouguereau. His series of stark, linear paintings of the Kalev...

Waldemar IV

(Encyclopedia)Waldemar IV (Valdemar Atterdag), c.1320–1375, king of Denmark (1340–75). He became king of a land completely dismembered by foreign rulers, but his ambition, unscrupulousness, and military ability...


(Encyclopedia)Delphi dĕlˈfī [key], locality in Phocis, Greece, near the foot of the south slope of Mt. Parnassós, c.6 mi (10 km) northeast of the port of Cirrha. It was the seat of the Delphic oracle, the most ...

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