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Western Reserve

(Encyclopedia)Western Reserve, tract of land in NE Ohio, on the southern shore of Lake Erie, retained by Connecticut in 1786 when it ceded its claims to its western lands (see Northwest Territory). In 1792, Connect...

Case Western Reserve University

(Encyclopedia)Case Western Reserve University, at Cleveland; coeducational; est. 1967 through the merger of the Case Institute of Technology (chartered 1880, opened 1881) and Western Reserve Univ. (chartered and op...

Western Australia

(Encyclopedia)Western Australia, state (2016 pop. 2,474,410), 975,920 sq mi (2,527,633 sq km), Australia, comprising the entire western part of the continent. It is bounded on the N, W, and S by the Indian Ocean. P...

Western Cape

(Encyclopedia)Western Cape, province (2011 pop. 5,822,734), 49,986 sq mi (129,462 sq km), SW South Africa, on the Atlantic and Indian oceans. In 1994, under South Africa's post-apartheid constitution, Western Cape ...

Western Dvina

(Encyclopedia)Western Dvina: see Dvina (Western Dvina).

Western Empire

(Encyclopedia)Western Empire: see Roman Empire under Rome and see Charlemagne.

Western Ghats

(Encyclopedia)Western Ghats, mts., India: see Ghats.

Western Isles

(Encyclopedia)Western Isles or Western Islands, Scotland: see Hebrides, the.

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