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Ben Ali, Zine el-Abidine

(Encyclopedia)Ben Ali, Zine el-Abidine z´nl abdn bn äl´ [key], 1936–2019, president of Tunisia (1987–2011). Educated in France and the United States, he entered the army and became ambassador to ...


(Encyclopedia)Ali äl´ [key] (Ali ibn Abu Talib), 598?–661, 4th caliph (656–61). The debate over his right to the caliphate caused a major split in Islam into Sunni and Shiite branches, and he is regarded by...


(Encyclopedia)Ben, in the Bible, Levite porter under David.

Essebsi, Beji Caid

(Encyclopedia)Essebsi, Beji Caid bä´zh cä´d sb´s [key], 1926–2019, Tunisian political leader. A lawyer and ally of President Bourguiba, he held several posts in his and President and Ben Ali's gove...


(Encyclopedia)Tunisia toon´zh, tyoo– [key], Fr. Tunisie, officially Republic of Tunisia, republic (2015 est. pop. 11,274,000), 63,378 sq mi (164,150 sq km), NW Africa. Occupying the eastern portion of th...

Bongo, Ali

(Encyclopedia)Bongo, Ali: see under Bongo, Omar.

Hyder Ali

(Encyclopedia)Hyder Ali: see Haidar Ali.

Sonni Ali

(Encyclopedia)Sonni Ali: see Songhai.

Khamenei, Ali

(Encyclopedia)Khamenei, Ali (Mohammad Ali Hoseyn Khamenei)mhämäd´ äl´ hsn´ khamn´ [key], 1939–, Iranian religious and political leader, b. Mashhad. A Shiite Islamic cleric who was the son of ...

Muhammad Ali

(Encyclopedia)Muhammad Ali, 1769?–1849, pasha of Egypt after 1805. He was a common soldier who rose to leadership by his military skill and political acumen. In 1799 he commanded a Turkish army in an unsuccessful...

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