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air conditioning

(Encyclopedia)CE5 Cross section of air conditioning unit. air conditioning, mechanical process for controlling the humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and circulation of air in buildings and rooms. Indoor air i...


(Encyclopedia)air: see atmosphere; liquid air; ventilation. ...

Carrier, Willis Haviland

(Encyclopedia)Carrier, Willis Haviland, 1876–1950, American engineer who played a key role in inventing air conditioning, b. Angola, N.Y., grad. Cornell (M.E. 1901). Working for the Buffalo Forge Co. (1901–14),...

heat pump

(Encyclopedia)heat pump: see air conditioning. ...

air bag

(Encyclopedia)air bag: see automobile.

air bladder

(Encyclopedia)air bladder, in fish: see swim bladder. ...

air cargo

(Encyclopedia)air cargo: see aviation.

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