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electronic mail

(Encyclopedia)electronic mail or e-mail, the electronic transmission of messages, letters, and documents. In its broadest sense electronic mail includes point-to-point services such as telegraph and facsimile (fax)...


(Encyclopedia)e-mail: see electronic mail.


(Encyclopedia)mail: see postal service.

electronic game

(Encyclopedia)electronic game, device or computer program that provides entertainment by challenging a person's eye-hand coordination or mental abilities. Made possible by the development of the microprocessor, ele...

electronic music

(Encyclopedia)electronic music or electro-acoustic music, term for compositions that utilize the capacities of electronic media for creating and altering sounds. Initially, a distinction must be made between the te...

oscillator, electronic

(Encyclopedia)oscillator, electronic ŏsˈəlāˌtər [key], electronic circuit that produces an output signal of a specific frequency. An oscillator generally consists of an amplifier having part of its output ret...

postal service

(Encyclopedia)postal service, arrangements made by a government for the transmission of letters, packages, and periodicals, and for related services. Early courier systems for government use were organized in the P...

Universal Postal Union

(Encyclopedia)Universal Postal Union (UPU), specialized agency of the United Nations since 1948, with headquarters at Bern, Switzerland. Established in 1875 following adoption of the Universal Postal Convention, it...

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