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fruit bat

(Encyclopedia)fruit bat, fruit-eating bat found in tropical regions of the Old World. It is relatively large and differs from other bats in the possession of an independent, clawed second digit; it also depends on ...


(Encyclopedia)bat, winged mammal of the order Chiroptera, which includes 900–1,000 species classified in about 200 genera and 17 families. Bats range in size from a wingspread of over 5 ft (150 cm) to a wingsprea...


(Encyclopedia)CE5 Types of fruit fruit, matured ovary of the pistil of a flower, containing the seed. After the egg nucleus, or ovum, has been fertilized (see fertilization) and the embryo plantlet begins to fo...

vampire bat

(Encyclopedia)vampire bat, name for the blood-drinking bats of the family Desmodontidae, found in the New World tropics. Vampire bats feed exclusively on the blood of living animals and are thus the only true paras...

fruit fly

(Encyclopedia)fruit fly, common name for any of the flies of the families Tephritidae and Drosophilidae. All fruit flies are very small insects that lay their eggs in various plant tissues. The Tephritidae contains...

bull bat

(Encyclopedia)bull bat: see goatsucker.

Bat Yam

(Encyclopedia)Bat Yam bät yäm [key], city, W central Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea, near Tel Aviv. It ...


(Encyclopedia)kalang: see fruit bat.

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