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guinea pig

(Encyclopedia)guinea pig gĭnˈē [key], domesticated form of the cavy, Cavia porcellus, a South American rodent. It is unrelated to the pig; the name may refer to its shrill squeal. Guinea pigs were raised by the ...


(Encyclopedia)pig: see swine.

earth pig

(Encyclopedia)earth pig: see aardvark.

pig iron

(Encyclopedia)pig iron: see iron.

Equatorial Guinea

(Encyclopedia)CE5 Equatorial Guinea gĭnˈē , officially Republic of Equatorial Guinea, republic (2021 est. pop. ...

French Guinea

(Encyclopedia)French Guinea: see Guinea, republic, Africa. ...


(Encyclopedia)CE5 Guinea-Bissau bĭsˌsouˈ, officially Republic of Guinea-Bissau, republic (2015 est. pop. 1,771,000), 13,948 sq mi (36,125 sq km), W Africa. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean in the west, on Sen...

guinea fowl

(Encyclopedia)guinea fowl gĭnˈē [key], common name for any of the seven species of gallinaceous birds of the family Numididae, native to Africa and Madagascar. The helmeted guinea fowl, Numida meleagris, from wh...

New Guinea

(Encyclopedia)New Guinea gĭnˈē [key], island, c.342,000 sq mi (885,780 sq km), SW Pacific, N of Australia; the world's second largest island after Greenland. Politically it is divided into two sections: the Indo...

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