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(Encyclopedia)mathematics, deductive study of numbers, geometry, and various abstract constructs, or structures; the latter often abstract the features common to several models derived from the empirical, or applie...

Cantor, Georg

(Encyclopedia)Cantor, Georg g´ôrkh kän´tôr [key], 1845–1918, German mathematician, b. St. Petersburg. He studied under Karl Weierstrass and taught (1869–1913) at the Univ. of Halle. He is known for his w...

Bolzano, Bernard

(Encyclopedia)Bolzano, Bernard bltsä´n [key], 1781–1848, Czech philosopher, mathematician, and theologian. Though as a Catholic priest he himself was primarily concerned with religious and ethical questions...

Miller, George Abram

(Encyclopedia)Miller, George Abram, 1863–1951, American mathematician, b. Lehigh co., Pa., grad. Muhlenberg College (B.A., 1887), Ph.D. Cumberland Univ., 1893. He was professor at the Univ. of Illinois (1907–31...

Wiener, Norbert

(Encyclopedia)Wiener, Norbert, 1894–1964, American mathematician, educator, and founder of the field of cybernetics, b. Columbia, Mo., grad. Tufts College, 1909, Ph.D. Harvard, 1913. In 1920 he joined the faculty...

Hopkins, William

(Encyclopedia)Hopkins, William, 1793–1866, English geologist. Hopkins studied mathematics at Cambridge, and then supported himself as a private mathematics tutor. Many of England's best mathematicians and mathema...


(Encyclopedia)combinations, in mathematics: see probability.


(Encyclopedia)chance, in mathematics: see probability.


(Encyclopedia)power, in mathematics: see exponent.

Tartaglia, Niccolò

(Encyclopedia)Tartaglia, Niccolò nk-klô´ tärtä´lyä [key], c.1500–1557, Italian engineer and mathematician. Largely self-educated, he taught mathematics at Verona, Brescia, and Venice. A pioneer in appl...

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