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rap music

(Encyclopedia)rap music or hip-hop, African-American popular music style that originated in the mid-to-late ‘70s, which incorporates DJing, MCing, dance, and fashion. See studies by M. Costello and D....

popular music

(Encyclopedia)popular music: see country and western music; folk song; gospel music; jazz; rap music; rock music. ...


(Encyclopedia)music. For information on types of music see such articles as absolute music; aleatory music; chamber music; church music; computer music; electronic music; jazz; program music; rock music; serial mus...


(Encyclopedia) Ice-T : see Rap music.


(Encyclopedia) Jay-Z : see Rap music.


(Encyclopedia)KRS-One: see Rap music.


(Encyclopedia)hip-hop: see rap music.

Ice Cube

(Encyclopedia) Ice Cube : see Rap music.

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