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spinal column

(Encyclopedia)spinal column, bony column forming the main structural support of the skeleton of humans and other vertebrates, also known as the vertebral column or backbone. It consists of segments known as vertebr...

spinal cord

(Encyclopedia)spinal cord, the part of the nervous system occupying the hollow interior (vertebral canal) of the series of vertebrae that form the spinal column, technically known as the vertebral column. Extending...


(Encyclopedia)column, vertical architectural support, circular or polygonal in plan. A column is generally at least four or five times as high as its diameter or width; stubbier freestanding masses of masonry are u...

spinal puncture

(Encyclopedia)spinal puncture, surgical penetration of the spinal canal by a hollow needle introduced between two of the lumbar vertebrae. The arrangement permits injection of antibiotics or anesthetics (see anesth...

spinal tap

(Encyclopedia)spinal tap: see spinal puncture. ...


(Encyclopedia)backbone: see spinal column.


(Encyclopedia)spine: see spinal column.


(Encyclopedia)sacrum: see spinal column.


(Encyclopedia)coccyx kŏkˈsĭks [key]: see spinal column. ...

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