Event Other
Free Rifle (3 positions)Albert Helgerud, NOR909
 Harry Simon, USA887
 Ole Saether, NOR883
Free Rifle (Team)Norway5055
Free RifleJerry Millner, GBR98
 Kellogg Casey, USA93
 Maurice Blood, GBR92
Military RifleLouis Richardet, SWI238
 Jean Reich, SWI234
 Raoul de Boigne, FRA232
Military Rifle (Team)USA2531
 Great Britain2497
Small-Bore Rifle (Prone)A.A. Carnell, GBR387
 Harry Humby, GBR386
 George Barnes, GBR385
Small-Bore Rifle (Moving Target)A.F. Fleming, GBR45
 M.K. Matthews, GBR24
 W.B. Marsden, GBR24
Small-Bore Rifle (Disappearing Target)William Styles, GBR45
 H.J. Hawkins, GBR45
 E.J. Amoore, GBR45
Small-Bore Rifle (Team)Great Britain771
Rapid-Fire PistolPaul van Asbroeck, BEL490
 Reginald Storms, BEL487
 James Edward Gorman, GBR485
Rapid-Fire (Team)USA1914
 Great Britain1817
Olympic Trap ShootingWalter Henry Ewing, CAN72
 Georg Beattie, CAN60
 Alexander Maunder, GBR57
Clay Pigeons (Team)Great Britain407
 Great Britain372
Running Deer ShootingOscar Swahn, SWE25
 Ted Ranken, GBR24
 Alexander Rodgers, GBR24
Running Deer Shooting (Team)Sweden86
 Great Britain85
Running Deer Shooting (Double Shot)Walter Winans, USA46
 Ted Ranken, GBR46
 Oscar Swahn, SWE38
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