Men's SinglesJosiah Ritchie, GBR
 Otto Froitzheim, GER
 Wilberforce Eaves, GBR
Men's Singles (Indoor)Wentworth Gore, GBR
 George Caridia, GBR
 Josiah Ritchie, GBR
Men's DoublesGeorge W. Hillyard / Reginald Doherty, GBR
 Josiah Ritchie / James Cecil Parke, GBR
 Charles Cazalet / Charles Dixon, GBR
Men's Doubles (Indoor)Arthur W. Gore / Herbert Ropel-Barrett, GBR
 George Simond / George Caridia, GBR
 Gunnar Setterwall / Wollmar Boström, SWE
Women's SinglesDorothea Chambers, GBR
 Dorothy Boothby, GBR
 Joan Winch, GBR
Women's Singles (Indoor)Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith, GBR
 Angela Greene, GBR
 Martha Adlerstråhle, SWE
RacketsEvan B. Noel, GBR
 Henry Leaf, GBR
 John Astor, GBR
DoublesVane Pennel / John Astor, GBR
 Edward Bury / Cecil Browning, GBR
 Evan Noel / Henry Leaf, GBR
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