Event Score
Foil (Individual, Men)Gustavo Marzi, ITA9
 Joseph Levis, USA6
 Giulio Gaudini, ITA5
Foil (Team, Men)France 
Épée (Individual)Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici, ITA8/18
 Georges Buchard, FRA7
 Carlo Agostoni, ITA7
Épée (Team)France 
Sabre (Individual)György Piller, HUN8
 Giulio Gaudini, ITA7
 Endre Kabos, HUN5
Sabre (Team)Hungary 
Foil (Individual, Women)Ellen Preis, AUT8/1
 Heather Guinness, GBR8
 Erna Bogen, HUN7
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