Event Time
Individual Road Race (121 miles)José Beyaert, FRA5:18:12.6
 Gerardus Voorting, HOL5:18:16.2
 Lode Wouters, BEL5:18:16.2
Team Road RaceBelgium15:58:17.4
 Great Britain16:03:31.6
1000-m-Time TrialJacques Dupont, FRA1:13.5
 Pierre Nihant, BEL1:14.5
 Thomas Godwin, GBR1:15.0
1000-m-SprintMario Ghella, ITA 
 Reginald Harris, GBR 
 Axel Schandorff, DEN 
 Great Britain 
4000-m-Team PursuitFrance4:57.8
 Great Britain4:55.8
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