Individual Road Race (122 miles)Pierfranco Vianelli, ITA4:41:25.24
 Leif Mortenson, DEN4:42:49.71
 Gösta Petterson, SWE4:43:15.24
100 km Road Team Time TrialNetherlands2:07:49.06
1000-m-Time TrialPierre Trentin, FRA1:03.91
 Niels-Christian Fredborg, DEN1:04.61
 Janusz Kierzkowski, POL1:04.63
1000-m-SprintDaniel Morelon, FRA 
 Giordano Turrini, ITA 
 Pierre Trentin, FRA 
4000-m-Individual PursuitDaniel Rebillard, FRA4:41.71
 Mogens Frey Jensen, DEN4:42.43
 Xaver Kurmann, SUI4:39.42
4000-m-Team PursuitDenmark4:22.44
* The winning W. German team were demoted to 2nd place owing to an illegal push-start.
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