Event  Time  
100m Free Rowdy Gaines, USA 49.80 OR
 Mark Stockwell, AUS50.24 
 Per Johansson, SWE50.31 
 200m Free Michael Gross, W. Ger 1:47.44 WR
 Michael Heath, USA1:49.10 
 Thomas Fahrner, W. Ger1:49.69 
 400m Free George DiCarlo, USA 3:51.23 OR
 John Mykkanen, USA3:51.49 
 Justin Lemberg, AUS3:51.79 
1500m Free Mike O'Brien, USA 15:05.20  
 George DiCarlo, USA15:10.59 
 Stefan Pfeiffer, W. Ger15:12.11 
 100m Back Rick Carey, USA 55.79  
 David Wilson, USA56.35 
 Mike West, CAN56.49 
 200m Back Rick Carey, USA 2:00.23  
 Frederic Delcourt, FRA2:01.75 
 Cameron Henning, CAN2:02.37 
 100m Brst Steve Lundquist, USA 1:01.65 WR
 Victor Davis, CAN1:01.99 
 Peter Evans, AUS1:02.97 
 200m Brst Victor Davis, CAN 2:13.34 WR
 Glenn Beringen, AUS2:15.79 
 Etienne Dagon, SWI2:17.41 
 100m Fly Michael Gross, W. Ger 53.08 WR
 Pablo Morales, USA53.23 
 Glenn Buchanan, AUS53.85 
 200m Fly Jon Sieben, AUS 1:57.04 WR
 Michael Gross, W. Ger1:57.40 
 Rafael Vidal Castro, VEN1:57.51 
200m I.M. Alex Baumann, CAN 2:01.42 WR
 Pedro Morales, USA2:03.05 
 Neil Cochran, GBR2:04.38 
400m I.M. Alex Baumann, CAN 4:17.41 WR
 Ricardo Prado, BRA4:18.45 
 Robert Woodhouse, AUS4:20.50 
4x100m Free USA (Chris Cavanaugh, Mike
Heath, Matt Biondi,
Rowdy Gaines)
3:19.03 WR
4x200m Free USA (Mike Heath, David Larson,
Jeff Float, Bruce Hayes)
7:15.69 WR
 West Germany7:16.73 
 Great Britain7:24.78 
4x100m Mdly USA (Rick Carey, Steve
Lundquist, Pablo Morales,
Rowdy Gaines)
3:39.30 WR
Diving  Points
Platform Greg Louganis, USA 710.91
 Bruce Kimball, USA643.50
 Li Kongzhen, CHN638.28
Spring Greg Louganis, USA 754.41
 Tan Liangde, CHN662.31
 Ronald Merriott, USA661.32


Event  Time  
 100m Free Nancy Hogshead, USA / Carrie Steinseifer, USA55.92  
 Annemarie Verstappen, NED56.08 
 200m Free Mary Wayte, USA 1:59.23  
 Cynthia Woodhead, USA1:59.50 
 Annemarie Verstappen, NED1:59.69 
 400m Free Tiffany Cohen, USA 4:07.10 OR
 Sarah Hardcastle, GBR4:10.27 
 June Croft, GBR4:11.49 
 800m Free Tiffany Cohen, USA 8:24.95 OR
 Michelle Richardson, USA8:30.73 
 Sarah Hardcastle, GBR8:32.60 
 100m Back Theresa Andrews, USA 1:02.55  
 Betsy Mitchell, USA1:02.63 
 Jolanda de Rover, NED1:02.91 
 200m Back Jolanda de Rover, NED2:12.38  
 Amy White, USA2:13.04 
 Aneta Patrascoiu, ROM2:13.29 
 100m Brst Petra van Staveren, NED1:09.88 OR
 Anne Ottenbrite, CAN1:10.69 
 Catherine Poirot, FRA1:10.70 
 200m Brst Anne Ottenbrite, CAN 2:30.38  
 Susan Rapp, USA2:31.15 
 Ingrid Lempereur, BEL2:31.40 
 100m Fly Mary T. Meagher, USA 59.26  
 Jenna Johnson, USA1:00.19 
 Karin Seick, W. Ger1:00.36 
 200m Fly Mary T. Meagher, USA 2:06.90 OR
 Karen Philipps, AUS2:10.56 
 Ina Beyermann, W. Ger2:11.91 
200m I.M. Tracy Caulkins, USA 2:12.64 OR
 Nancy Hogshead, USA2:15.17 
 Michele Pearson, AUS2:15.92 
400m I.M. Tracy Caulkins, USA 4:39.24  
 Suzanne Landells, AUS4:48.30 
 Petra Zindler, W. Ger4:48.57 
4x100m Free USA (Jenna Johnson, Carrie
Steinseifer, Dara Torres,
Nancy Hogshead)
 West Germany3:45.56 
4x100m Mdly USA (Theresa Andrews, Tracy
Caulkins, Mary T. Meagher,
Nancy Hogshead)
 West Germany4:11.97 
Diving  Points
Platform Zhou Jihong, CHN 435.51
 Michele Mitchell, USA367.35
 Wendy Wyland, USA365.52
Spring Sylvie Bernier, CAN 530.70
 Kelly McCormick, USA527.46
 Christina Seufert, USA517.62
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