Medalists by Event: Boxing

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Multiple gold medals: Lszl Papp, Felix Savon and Tefilo Stevenson (3); Ariel Hernandez, Angel Herrera, Mario Kindelan, Oliver Kirk, Jerzy Kulej, Boris Lagutin, Harry Mallin, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Oleg Saitov and Hector Vinent (2). All fighters won titles in consecutive Olympics, except Kirk, who won both the bantamweight and featherweight titles in 1904 (he only had to fight once in each division).

Light Flyweight (106 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1968Francisco Rodriguez, VENDecision, 3-2
1972Gyrgy Ged, HUNDecision, 5-0
1976Jorge Hernandez, CUBDecision, 4-1
1980Shamil Sabyrov, USSRDecision, 3-2
1984Paul Gonzales, USADefault
1988Ivailo Hristov, BULDecision, 5-0
1992Rogelio Marcelo, CUBDecision, 24-10
1996Daniel Petrov Bojilov, BULDecision, 19-6
2000Brahim Asloum, FRADecision, 23-10
2004 Yan Bhartelemy, CUB Decision, 21-16

Flyweight (112 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1904George Finnegan, USAStopped, 1st
1920Frank Di Gennara, USADecision
1924Fidel LaBarba, USADecision
1928Antal Kocsis, HUNDecision
1932Istvn nekes, HUNDecision
1936Willi Kaiser, GERDecision
1948Pascual Perez, ARGDecision
1952Nate Brooks, USADecision, 3-0
1956Terence Spinks, GBRDecision
1960Gyula Trk, HUNDecision, 3-2
1964Fernando Atzori, ITADecision, 4-1
1968Ricardo Delgado, MEXDecision, 5-0
1972Georgi Kostadinov, BULDecision, 5-0
1976Leo Randolph, USADecision, 3-2
1980Peter Lessov, BULStopped, 2nd
1984Steve McCrory, USADecision, 4-1
1988Kim Kwang-Sun, S. KorDecision, 4-1
1992Su Choi-Chol, N. KorDecision, 12-2
1996Maikro Romero, CUBDecision, 12-11
2000Wijan Ponlid, THADecision, 19-12
2004 Yuriorkis Gamboa, CUBDecision, 38-23

Bantamweight (119 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1904Oliver Kirk, USAStopped, 3rd
1908Henry Thomas, GBRDecision
1920Clarence Walker, RSADecision
1924William Smith, RSADecision
1928Vittorio Tamagnini, ITADecision
1932Horace Gwynne, CANDecision
1936Ulderico Sergo, ITADecision
1948Tibor Csik, HUNDecision
1952Pentti Hmlinen, FINDecision, 2-1
1956Wolfgang Behrendt, GERDecision
1960Oleg Grigoryev, USSRDecision
1964Takao Sakurai, JPNStopped, 2nd
1968Valery Sokolov, USSRStopped, 2nd
1972Orlando Martinez, CUBDecision, 5-0
1976Gu Yong-Ju, N. KorDecision, 5-0
1980Juan Hernandez, CUBDecision, 5-0
1984Maurizio Stecca, ITADecision, 4-1
1988Kennedy McKinney, USADecision, 5-0
1992Joel Casamayor, CUBDecision, 14-8
1996Istvan Kovacs, HUNDecision, 14-7
2000Guillermo Rigondeaux, CUBDecision, 18-12
2004Guillermo Rigondeaux, CUBDecision, 22-13

Featherweight (125 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1904Oliver Kirk, USADecision
1908Richard Gunn, GBRDecision
1920Paul Fritsch, FRADecision
1924John Fields, USADecision
1928Lambertus van Klaveren, NEDDecision
1932Carmelo Robledo, ARGDecision
1936Oscar Casanovas, ARGDecision
1948Ernesto Formenti, ITADecision
1952Jan Zachara, CZEDecision, 2-1
1956Vladimir Safronov, USSRDecision
1960Francesco Musso, ITADecision, 4-1
1964Stanislav Stepashkin, USSRDecision, 3-2
1968Antonio Roldan, MEXWon on Disq.
1972Boris Kousnetsov, USSRDecision, 3-2
1976Angel Herrera, CUBKO, 2nd
1980Rudi Fink, E. GerDecision, 4-1
1984Meldrick Taylor, USADecision, 5-0
1988Giovanni Parisi, ITAStopped, 1st
1992Andreas Tews, GERDecision, 16-7
1996Somluck Kamsing, THADecision, 8-5
2000Bekzat Sattarkhanov, KAZDecision, 22-14
2004 Alexei Tichtchenko, RUSDecision, 39-17

Lightweight (132 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1904Harry Spanger, USADecision
1908Frederick Grace, GBRDecision
1920Samuel Mosberg, USADecision
1924Hans Nielsen, DENDecision
1928Carlo Orlandi, ITADecision
1932Lawrence Stevens, S. AfrDecision
1936Imre Harangi, HUNDecision
1948Gerald Dreyer, S. AfrDecision
1952Aureliano Bolognesi, ITADecision, 2-1
1956Richard McTaggart, GBRDecision
1960Kazimierz Pazdzior, POLDecision, 4-1
1964Jzef Grudzien, POLDecision
1968Ronnie Harris, USADecision, 5-0
1972Jan Szczepanski, POLDecision, 5-0
1976Howard Davis, USADecision, 5-0
1980Angel Herrera, CUBStopped, 3rd
1984Pernell Whitaker, USAFoe quit, 2nd
1988Andreas Zuelow, E. GerDecision, 5-0
1992Oscar De La Hoya, USADecision, 7-2
1996Hocine Soltani, ALGTiebreak, 3-3
2000Mario Kindelan, CUBDecision, 14-4
2004 Mario Kindelan, CUBDecision, 30-22

Light Welterweight (139 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1952Charles Adkins, USADecision, 2-1
1956Vladimir Yengibaryan, USSRDecision
1960Bohumil Nemecek, CZEDecision, 5-0
1964Jerzy Kulej, POLDecision, 5-0
1968Jerzy Kulej, POLDecision, 3-2
1972Ray Seales, USADecision, 3-2
1976Ray Leonard, USADecision, 5-0
1980Patrizio Oliva, ITADecision, 4-1
1984Jerry Page, USADecision, 5-0
1988Vyacheslav Yanovsky, USSRDecision, 5-0
1992Hector Vinent, CUBDecision, 11-1
1996Hector Vinent, CUBDecision, 20-13
2000Mahamadkadyz Abdullaev, UZBDecision, 27-20
2004Manus Boonjumnong, THADecision, 17-11

Welterweight (147 lbs)

YearFinal Match
1904Albert Young, USADecision
1920Bert Schneider, CANDecision
1924Jean Delarge, BELDecision
1928Edward Morgan, NZEDecision
1932 Edward Flynn, USA Decision
1936 Sten Suvio, FIN Decision
1948 Julius Torma, CZE Decision
1952 Zygmunt Chychla, POL Decision, 3-0
1956 Nicolae Linca, ROM Decision, 3-2
1960 Nino Benvenuti, ITA Decision, 4-1
1964 Marian Kasprzyk, POL Decision, 4-1
1968 Manfred Wolke, E. Ger Decision, 4-1
1972 Emilio Correa, CUB Decision, 5-0
1976 Jochen Bachfeld, E. Ger Decision, 3-2
1980 Andrs Aldama, CUB Decision, 4-1
1984 Mark Breland, USA Decision, 5-0
1988 Robert Wangila, KEN KO, 2nd
1992 Michael Carruth, IRE Decision, 13-10
1996Oleg Saitov, RUSDecision, 14-9
2000Oleg Saitov, RUSDecision, 24-16
2004 Bakhtiyar Artayev, KAZDecision, 36-26

Light Middleweight (156 lbs)

Year Final Match
1952 Lszl Papp, HUN Decision, 3-0
1956 Lszl Papp, HUN Decision
1960 Skeeter McClure, USA Decision, 4-1
1964 Boris Lagutin, USSR Decision, 4-1
1968 Boris Lagutin, USSR Decision, 5-0
1972 Dieter Kottysch, W. Ger Decision, 3-2
1976 Jerzy Rybicki, POL Decision, 5-0
1980 Armando Martinez, CUB Decision, 4-1
1984 Frank Tate, USA Decision, 5-0
1988 Park Si-Hun, S. Kor Decision, 3-2
1992 Juan Lemus, CUB Decision, 6-1
1996David Reid, USAKO, 3rd
2000Yermakhan Ibraimov, KAZDecision, 25-23
2004 weight class eliminated.

Middleweight (165 lbs)

Year Final Match
1904 Charles Mayer, USA Stopped, 3rd
1908 John Douglas, GBR Decision
1920 Harry Mallin, GBR Decision
1924 Harry Mallin, GBR Decision
1928 Piero Toscani, ITA Decision
1932 Carmen Barth, USA Decision
1936 Jean Despeaux, FRA Decision
1948 Lszl Papp, HUN Decision
1952 Floyd Patterson, USA KO, 1st
1956 Gennady Schatkov, USSR KO, 1st
1960 Eddie Crook, USA Decision, 3-2
1964 Valery Popenchenko, USSR Stopped, 1st
1968 Christopher Finnegan, GBR Decision, 3-2
1972 Vyacheslav Lemechev, USSR KO, 1st
1976 Michael Spinks, USA Stopped, 3rd
1980 Jos Gomez, CUB Decision, 4-1
1984 Shin Joon-Sup, S. Kor Decision, 3-2
1988 Henry Maske, E. Ger Decision, 5-0
1992 Ariel Hernandez, CUB Decision, 12-7
1996Ariel Hernandez, CUBDecision, 11-3
2000Jorge Gutierrez, CUBDecision, 17-15
2004Gaydarbek Gaydarbekov, RUSDecision, 28-18

Light Heavyweight (178 lbs)

Year Final Match
1920 Eddie Eagan, USA Decision
1924 Harry Mitchell, GBR Decision
1928 Victor Avendao, ARG Decision
1932 David Carstens, S. AfrDecision
1936 Roger Michelot, FRA Decision
1948 George Hunter, S. Afr Decision
1952 Norvel Lee, USA Decision, 3-0
1956 Jim Boyd, USA Decision
1960 Cassius Clay, USA Decision, 5-0
1964 Cosimo Pinto, ITA Decision, 3-2
1968 Dan Poznjak, USSR Default
1972 Mate Parlov, YUG Stopped, 2nd
1976 Leon Spinks, USA Stopped, 3rd
1980 Slobodan Kacar, YUG Decision, 4-1
1984 Anton Josipovic, YUG Default
1988 Andrew Maynard, USA Decision, 5-0
1992 Torsten May, GER Decision, 8-3
1996Vasilii Jirov, KAZDecision, 17-4
2000Alexander Lebziak, RUSDecision, 20-6
2004 Andre Ward, USADecision, 20-13
Note: Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali after winning the world heavyweight championship in 1964.

Heavyweight (201 lbs)

Year Final Match
1984 Henry Tillman, USA Decision, 5-0
1988 Ray Mercer, USA KO, 1st
1992 Felix Savon, CUB Decision, 14-1
1996Felix Savon, CUBDecision, 20-2
2000Felix Savon, CUBDecision, 21-13
2004Odlanier Solis, CUBDecision, 22-13

Super Heavyweight (Unlimited)

Year Final Match
1904 Samuel Berger, USA Decision
1908 Albert Oldham, GBR KO, 1st
1920 Ronald Rawson, GBR Decision
1924 Otto von Porat, NOR Decision
1928 Arturo Rodriguez Jurado, ARG Stopped, 1st
1932 Santiago Lovell, ARG Decision
1936 Herbert Runge, GER Decision
1948 Rafael Iglesias, ARG KO, 2nd
1952 Ed Sanders, USA Won on Disq.*
1956 Pete Rademacher, USA Stopped, 1st
1960 Franco De Piccoli, ITA KO, 1st
1964 Joe Frazier, USA Decision, 3-2
1968 George Foreman, USA Stopped, 2nd
1972 Tefilo Stevenson, CUB Default
1976 Tefilo Stevenson, CUB KO, 3rd
1980 Tefilo Stevenson, CUB Decision, 4-1
1984 Tyrell Biggs, USA Decision, 4-1
1988 Lennox Lewis, CAN Stopped, 2nd
1992 Roberto Balado, CUB Decision, 13-2
1996Vladimir Klichko, UKRDecision, 7-3
2000Audley Harrison, GBRDecision, 30-16
2004Alexander Povetkin, RUSwalkover?
*Sanders' opponent, Ingemar Johansson, was disqualified in 2nd round for not trying.
?Povetkin was awarded the gold when his opponet Mohamed Aly failed a pre-fight physical due to a shoulder injury.
Note: Called heavyweight through 1980.

Future World Heavyweight Champions

Seven Olympic gold medal winners eventually went on to win the heavyweight championship of the world.

Middleweights Light Heavyweights Heavyweights Super Heavyweight
Floyd Patterson Cassius Clay Joe Frazier Lennox Lewis
Michael Spinks Leon Spinks George Foreman