Medalists by Event: Field Hockey

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff


Multiple gold medals: India (8); Great Britain and Pakistan (3); West Germany/Germany and Netherlands (2).

1908 Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland
1920 Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium
1928 India, Netherlands, Germany
1932 India, Japan, United States
1936 India, Germany, Netherlands
1948 India, Great Britain, Netherlands
1952 India, Netherlands, Great Britain
1956 India, Pakistan, Germany
1960 Pakistan, India, Spain
1964 India, Pakistan, Australia
1968 Pakistan, Australia, India
1972 West Germany, Pakistan, India
1976 New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan
1980 India, Spain, Soviet Union
1984 Pakistan, West Germany, Great Britain
1988 Great Britain, West Germany, Netherlands
1992 Germany, Australia, Pakistan
1996Netherlands, Spain, Australia
2000Netherlands, South Korea, Australia
2004 Australia, Netherlands, Germany


Multiple gold medals: Australia (3).

1980 Zimbabwe, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union
1984 Netherlands, West Germany, United States
1988 Australia, South Korea, Netherlands
1992 Spain, Germany, Great Britain
1996Australia, South Korea, Netherlands
2000Australia, Argentina, Netherlands
2004 Germany, Netherlands, Argentina
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