2006 World Cup Snowboard Champions

MenParallel Slalom—Simon Schoch, Switzerland
Snowboardcross—Jasey Jay Anderson, Canada
Halfpipe—Jan Michaelis, Germany
Big Air—Stefan Gimpl, Austria
WomenParallel Slalom—Daniela Meuli, Switzerland
Snowboardcross—Dominique Maltais, Canada
Halfpipe—Manuela Laura Pesko, Switzerland

2006 Burton U.S. Snowboard Open

(March 14–19, 2006, Stratton, Vt.)

MenQuarterpipe—Danny Davis
Halfpipe—Shaun White
Slopestyle—Shaun White
WomenQuarterpipe—Hana Beaman
Halfpipe—Torah Bright
Slopestyle—Hana Beaman
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