(70 meters)


Individual: 1. Justin Huish, USA def., 2. Magnus Petersson, SWE (112-107); 3. Oh Kyo-moon, S.KOR def. Paul Vermeiren, BEL (115-110).

Team: 1. United States (Justin Huish, Richard Johnson and Rod White) def. 2. South Korea (251-249); 3. Italy def. Australia (248-244).


Individual: 1. Kim Kyung-wook, S.KOR def., 2. He Ying, CHN (113-107); 3. Olena Sadovnycha def. Elif Altinkaynak, TUR (109-102).

Team: 1. South Korea (Kim Jo-sun, Yoon Hye-young and Kim Kyung-wook) def. 2. Germany (245-235); 3. Poland def. Turkey (244-239).

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