(70 meters)


Individual: 1. Simon Fairweather, AUS def. 2. Victor Wunderle, USA (113-106); 3. Wietse van Alten, NED def. Magnus Petersson, SWE (114-109).

Team: 1. South Korea (Jang Yong-Ho, Kim Chung-Tae and Oh Kyo-Moon) def. 2. Italy (255-247); 3. United States def. Russia (239-239; tiebreak 29-26).


Individual: 1. Yun Mi-Jin, S. Kor def. 2. Kim Nam-Soon, S. Kor (107-106); 3. Kim Soo-Nyung, S. Kor def. Choe Ok Sil N. Kor (103-101).

Team: 1. South Korea (Kim Nam-Soon, Kim Soo-Nyung and Yun Mi-Jin) def. 2. Ukraine (251-239); 3. Germany def. Turkey (240-234).

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